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A visitor to Shulamith ECC will find children joyfully immersed in meaningful hands-on literacy activities throughout the day instead of filling out monotonous worksheets. Our goal is to foster a love of reading and writing and to
provide children with skills and the foundational concepts needed to become proficient readers as they grow. We focus on: language, comprehension, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, sound/symbol correspondence, sight words and phonics. Language arts come  alive as children analyze and enjoy authentic literature and make connections to their lives. As children progress through our early childhood center they come to understand that the spoken word can be written down. Their beginning attempts at writing are celebrated and culminate with the publication of an original book. We follow the guidelines set forth by these prestigious organizations: The International Literacy Association and The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Our math program is geared towards helping our students develop a deep mathematical understanding as well as a love for math. We provide the children 10 with the important underlying mathematical concepts they will need to be prepared for common core math. The math program is individualized according to each child's level and ability, and consists of carefully designed math games, Math challenges, as well as fun, meaningful math activities that the children enjoy.
Science/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Science for young children is all about discovering how the world works and appreciating Niflaot HaBoreh. Children are provided with activities that allow them to
explore, discover and investigate. Teachers guide children to hypothesize, predict, experiment, and form conclusions. Materials and experiences to develop foundational concepts for STEM are provided both indoors and outdoors. Children are encouraged to work together to solve STEM challenges. They are guided to plan, execute, think of alternative solutions, collaborate, negotiate and compromise. These activities are engaging and help promote higher order thinking and other 21st century skills needed to succeed.

Art is an important form of self expression for young children. Our art program allows for creativity and individuality. Children are encouraged to explore a variety of art mediums and develop a personal sense of
aesthetics. Visitors viewing our children’s gallery comment that no two works of art are alike. This is intentional because no two children are alike. Research in early education demonstrates that the process is more important than the product. Consequently, all artistic endeavors are valued and celebrated. This approach promotes self esteem and Kavod Habriyot.