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Message from our Director

rachel brier

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Shulamith School for Girls Early Childhood Center!


Here at the ECC our teachers create a vibrant, exciting, and supportive learning environment that encourages our children to explore independently, grow developmentally and emotionally, and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.  Our goal is to provide our children with maximal opportunities to learn, discover and grow in a warm, fun and loving environment, that will at the same time foster a love of torah, mitzvot and Eretz Yisrael and support the reading, writing and math demands set forth by the common core requirements and standards. Here at the ECC we believe in a team oriented approach to education and strive to create a learning environment, in partnership with the parent body, that will guarantee that every child is fortified with the skills and knowledge to succeed as they transition into elementary school. 


I invite you to visit with us to see firsthand the warm and dynamic learning environment that we have created at the ECC. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter in person.


Morah Rachel Brier,

Early Childhood Director